I actually get really emotional when little ones graduate from their band journey as I feel I have experienced so much with the family.  The first step, the first fall!! the first full nights sleep, the first smile, I hear little ones say my name as they would their family names and it really is touching.

Of course, the families also get to know me very well and the lovely presents I received from this little one absolutely blew me away as they are ‘so me!’

Here is another little graduates card from his lovely Mum.



“To Lisa,

I don’t really know here to begin with this, but here goes…..

Myself and my husband cannot thank you enough for the treatment you have provided for our son Reuben.  Not only the treatment but the support you us when making the decision to go ahead with the helmet, any questions that needed answering and the general support that we needed.  You were there every step of the way, day or night and I can not thank you enough for that.

You have made a massive difference to Reuben’s life and I’m so grateful for that.  His head shape is amazing and I only wish I knew about you earlier.

The journey we have been on was only made easier by you for your time, commitment, kindness and support.  I can’t wait to show Reuben his helmet journey when he is older and I’m sure he’ll be as thankful as we are.  He wouldn’t be the little boy he is today if it wasn’t for you.

We will miss you dearly!!

Here’s to new adventures and bumps.

From ‘Reuben’s family’.

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