I had a lovely family come into clinic today with regards to  their little boy who was 7 months old.  The Mum had been worried since her little one was 3 weeks of age about the shape of his head.  Everyone had told her that she was being paranoid and that the Father and Grandfather also had head shapes like that when they were little with a high hair line.

I listened to their story, took some measurements of their Son’s head and was really pleased to tell them both that their little boy was completely and utterly normal and certainly didn’t need any form of treatment, especially not the helmet treatment.

Well, the reaction I had was brilliant, my words literally brought tears to the Mum’s eyes and the Dad was over the moon that I had put both their minds at ease and they can rest at nights and not worry or wonder if they should be doing anything.

I guess the morale of this blog is that I will only suggest helmet treatment for little ones who actually NEED the treatment.  If the little ones don’t need treatment, or if their flattening can be resolved through other means such as repositioning techniques, tummy time tips, physiotherapy, exercises then I certainly suggest this first.

If you or someone you know is concerned about their little ones head shape, please don’t think I am a pushy sales person, I am an ethical clinician who will provide a full assessment and diagnosis of the little ones head shape and discuss the appropriate, correct method of treatment.

Don’t be frightened that all babies who come and see me end up in a helmet!


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