Another little one graduated from treatment.  His parents were incredible from the word go and a worse case treatment time of 8-9 months finished at 5 months!!

I always prefer to be conservative with my treatment time estimations as I think a worse case scenario which potentially could happen is better to know than a best case scenario.  When I chat to parents in their initial consultation with their little ones, I (Obviously) am always asked about the treatment length of time.  I can roughly estimate the amount of growth which is required, linked with the age of the little one and where their are on the growth charts linked with the severity of the flattening and come up with a guestimated time frame.  I then always add a month on for when the little ones are teething or they have picked up a cold from nursery….. or more recently there is a trend on chicken pox!!  During these times, growth is slowed as the little ones are putting all their energy into getting better rather than growing.  However, one of the Boston Bands benefits over other bands I have worked with in the past is that they are able to channel growth a lot quicker…. and they are not wrong; meaning that little ones like this can be finished in treatment from a very severe starting point (CI 104% and 7mm) in a matter of only 5 months!!

Thank you sooooo much to little Jaspers parents for my lovely gifts, I was really spoilt!

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